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Big Brain Academy

Desarrolladora: Nintendo
Distribuidora: Nintendo
Fecha de lanzamiento: 05/06/2006
Rating Apto para todas las edades

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Basado en 45 críticas
Opinión de 28 usuarios

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Find out who has the biggest brain in this portable addition to Nintendo’s series of intellectual training games.Players can give their trigger fingers a rest in Big Brain Academy, instead giving their brains a workout with a series of activities based across four basic categories: think, analyse, compute and indentify. When these challenges begin, players will be given a number of short, fast-paced mini-exams to try and determine their brain age: Big Brain Academy’s way of measuring a player’s intelligence. A player’s strengths and weaknesses will be measured and then compared to a famous personality that best represents them. The faster players complete these challenges the heavier their brain will be.Once players have perfected each of these challenges, a number of modes await. These include Practice mode, which lets players try these activities without the fear of failing, Test mode, which players can use to try and increase their brain weight, and Versus mode, where up to seven DS owners can compete using only one copy of the game.Much like Brain Training, also on the Nintendo DS, Big Brain Academy lets players improve their mental abilities with a selection of fast-paced, addictive mini-games, giving their mind its own portable workout.

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