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Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

Desarrolladora: Access Games
Distribuidora: Ignition Entertainment
Fecha de lanzamiento: 17/02/2010
Rating Apto para personas de 17 años o más
Puntuación en Metacritic

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Historia ppal.
18½ Horas
Historia + extras
23½ Horas
Completar juego
35½ Horas
23½ Horas

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Story: Deadly Premonition follows the adventures of Special Agent Francis York Morgan sent to the fictional Pacific Northwest town of Greenvale to investigate the brutal murder of a young local beauty. Amidst the backdrop of soaring mountains and a town filled with eccentric natives, Agent Morgan must solve the mystery of the Red Seed Murders and stay alive in a place where supernatural creatures and a legendary folklore killer seek to end his investigation permanently.Gameplay: Action in Deadly Premonition is split between investigative gameplay required to solve the series of murders that have been committed in Greenvale and combat tactics needed to survive the bevy of creatures that inexplicably lurk the town and its surroundings. The game features a persistent open world which the player in the role of Agent Morgan can explore at will, searching for clues and observing and/or interacting with non-player characters (NPCs). The game is populated with more than 30 NPCs, each with its own personality, backstory, etc. These townspeople are wary of becoming the next victim of the murderer on the loose, and one perhaps of being exposed as the killer. Because of the variety of NPC attitudes toward Agent Morgan and his investigation, as well as the persistent gameworld allowing them to have their own schedules which vary from hour to hour, players can stalk them, hoping to reveal clues, character insights and even side quests. Deadly Premonition also contains a wealth of horror-survival combat gameplay. As players crisscross the gameworld in search of clues to the murders, they will encounter dangerous, otherworldly creatures. Some of these like the zombie like Shadows can be dealt with using a variety of melee weapons and firearms available in the game, but players will also encounter the legendary axe-wielding fiend known as the Raincoat Killer. What if any connection is there between these creatures and the murders afflicting the town? That is up to you to determine. What is certain though is that they pose an immediate and very real threat to your survival, making players’ decisions whether to run or stand his ground crucial in each varying situation.Key Game Features: A living, breathing persistent world of investigative mystery, featuring NPCs with their own individual mysteries to uncover. Dozens of side quests that will further immerse the player and reveal more of Greenvale’s secret underbelly. Engage in open world adventure as you go sightseeing and explore the town of Greenvale while you solve the mysteries within it. A combination of over-the-shoulder shooter action, driving, and 3rd person adventure/exploration offers a variety of gameplay. Use your profiling prowess to recreate the crime with the various clues and items found at the scene. Dozens of melee, ranged and hidden weapons to defend yourself from the onslaught of evil. Lengthy campaign with over 20 hours of gameplay.

  • PAL/UK
    28'49 €
    Precio sin envío 29.49 €
    +  Gastos de envío -1 €
    Precio final 28.49 €
  • PAL/UK
    73'29 €
    Precio sin envío £58.19 (66.66 €)
    +  Gastos de envío £5.79 (6.63 €)
    Precio final £63.98 (73.29 €)
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